Update July 2015

I have prepared a new version of ANTS which is compatible with Bell Labs sources as of July 2015.


3aa008332fd284df0c8016b3c24e9a5f1ccbcf50 ants2015.tgz (sha1sum)

The old images still work but have not been updated. There are currently no 9p or venti services available, but I am hoping to bring plan 9 public services back online at some point.


The Advanced Namespace ToolS are now available for Plan 9 From Bell Labs.

Here is 6mb gzip of a 16mb .raw hdd image ready for qemu with rio gui, acme, and cpu server access on port 17060 password: rootless, and many more tools.

446979a360ad398bfeddcb8de1f4d458c1bfa7d0 9worker.gz (sha1sum)

Tutorial walkthroughs of how to use 9worker and how to create a 9queen and use the two together can be found at The ANTS Farm

[The tutorials are somewhat out of date with regards to current network resources and distribution versions]

A fully installed Plan 9 image with all the ANTS tools ready for use in the tutorials is also available. It is a 132 mb download and the .raw image is sized to 2 gigabytes. Here is the 9queen.gz image.

864b0379423d8bc7381ceb2375294e292bca3f50 9queen.gz (sha1sum)

The Advanced Namespace ToolS and other Plan 9 related software are licensed under the Lucent Public License

Copyright 2013 by Mycroftiv

Here is a link to the old site, which is now semi-deprecated. There is no longer a public registry, venti, or cpu server. The preinstalled images and associated tools should still work but I'm working on newer projects, so I'm no longer updating and bugfixing them. Check my contrib dir on sources (sources/contrib/mycroftiv) for current software.

Here is a history and lessons learned post about the past few years of the grid project

The Ants VMs were created using this version is the Bell Labs .iso, downloaded and built 11 Mar 2013.